Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Makeup That Lets You Be You

Self-expression is so important to young women everywhere around the world, and yet, it is often difficult to express one’s self with confidence. Beauty expert Doe Deere would like to suggest using the medium of makeup, yes, makeup. It is an exciting and fun way to show the planet who you are and how you would like people to see you. I know that makeup allows me to feel smart and sexy at the same time.

Doe Deere happens to agree. She was talking about the power of makeup in a former blogazine she kept:

….”A simple piece of makeup can transform you from within and change the way you see yourself forever.”. How very true.

Doe Deere, not her real name, which is a long-gggg Russian name, is the genius behind Lime Crime Cosmetics. Yeah, Doe Deere and Lime Crime, two cool names in the beauty arena.

Doe started out in a band and did some fashion on, but her true love remains in makeup. The beautiful founder of Lime Crime used to have a hard, almost impossible time hunting down bold edgy cosmetics, so she decided to create her own, and that is how her popular makeup company came to be.

Lime Crime is not shy makeup; it is bold and spirited with a touch of fantasy. Think unicorns and freedom. That’s how Doe expresses her makeup packaging– fun and whimsical. I happen to LOVE Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipsticks, and yes, each purple tube comes adorned with a tiny unicorn on it.

This lipstick is incredible! The pigments are strong and unique. If you want banana yellow lips, it’s possible. or if you feel like metallic green, you can go there. The shades are so rich and playful and really make a beauty statement, your beauty statement. I get so many compliments on my Unicorn lipsticks.

I would also suggest Venus the Grunge Palette. I waited a long time to get this first! It was worth it, too! The packaging is gorgeous with the Botticelli birth of Venus painting on the front. The eight-eye shadow palette is highly pigmented. My absolute fave is Venus, which is a pretty brick red shade. All of these warm shades are blend-able and striking to put on. The entire color palette shadows complement each other. Plus, you can create the coolest red-toned smoky eye with this Grunge kit!

If you’ve never tried Lime Crime Cosmetics, then what are you waiting for?

Doe Deere has created the coolest makeup for eyes, lips and nails. Check her out!

Susan McGalla, A Force To Reckon In The Business World As A Woman

There are troves of women who have been successful in all fields that anyone might think about. Even those that have been mostly dominated by men and mostly handled by men are a brainchild to some women. Many powerful women have risen over the last few decades are continuing to thrash the glass ceiling. Others who have not been enlightened might see this as an odd experience, but that is where the world is heading to. Women are known to have great personalities that see them through their success in various areas of specialization. One is their ability to multitask and as compared to men, women can perform different tasks at the same time, unlike men who are good at one thing at a time. Another one is their high level of stress and pain tolerance, and if men were to give birth it would be a great biological way to control the population.

Susan McGalla has over the years been an icon for women and an effective role model who has had golden opportunities to share her experiences with other women on occasions such as at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. McGalla is an influential business woman and expert consultant located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a field that has always been her stronghold. Her consulting firm offers extensive consulting advice to clients on product merchandising, branding, talent management and marketing. Her client bases are the leading names from Wall Street, who opt for her when they need insight from a professional perspective of the fashion and retail industry. She has an insider’s know-how on the intricacy of the fashion industry. Apart from the consulting firm, McGalla has recently undertaken the position of working for prize NFL franchise, The Steelers. She now serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Steelers where she is devoted to assisting in fostering and heightening the prominent brand.

As a woman who is at the peak of her success, McGalla is one of the women on who memoirs and party lines have become meaningless to her since she perceives herself to be a professional and not a woman. Among the women, she shares her stance with seeking an original perspective that has a practical application. She has learned to be a hardworking person whose gender has a hollow effect on what she can do since she was a kid. Throughout her career, McGalla has worked comfortably with both men and women and has been confident in all her endeavors as a business executive. She has also succeeded in instilling the same notion to different women at various inspirational salons.

Susan McGalla is widely known as the ex-president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. She started off her career at the Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she served at several managerial and marketing post until 1994 when she joined American Eagle Outfitters Inc.

Stephen Murray Leaves a Mark at CCMP Capital

Until his untimely demise at the age of fifty three, Stephen Murray, was the President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Before this, he had attended Boston University where he graduated with a degree in economics. Later, he furthered his education by joining Colombia School of Business for his master’s in business administration on Over the preceding years, he acquired experience in the field and this enabled him to cofound CCMP Capital. Several years later, the board of the company would vote unanimously making him president of his brainchild. Moreover, he engaged in a number of activities that became successful under his leadership.

The company leadership of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has exchanged hands several times but its reputation remains intact. They identify firms that had problems with capital or upcoming ones. In most cases, these businesses are introducing a new product into the market but cannot meet all the costs hence they seek for help from private equity firms. Even small companies aspiring to expand their premises have worked closely with them.

Also, they have been involved in leveraged buyout where the enterprise is bought from the shareholders. Such firms are usually well established in the field and are unlikely to experience profit losses along the way. Since it is a transaction of sorts, the sponsor provides part of the capital while the rest is obtained from the other parties in the deal. Therefore, no one is losing money is such a venture.

CCMP Capital is very successful due to their well thought out decisions. It has employed skilled personnel who labor daily to produce results and meet company goals and targets. The board members and staff are experienced in their respective areas therefore meet competition in the industry fearlessly. The staffs live by the old adage, “Good work speaks for itself”. Companies that have had the opportunity of working with them have given testimonials with nothing short of praise.

This renowned company has mastered the art of increasing the value of a company before selling its shares to interested buyers in the market. The leverage is very important in these deals because it will ensure losses and profits are increased depending on how the arrangements are made. Once the company has been sold, equity does not have to be paid immediately. Interest continues to increase annually if it is left dormant. There are those companies that have grown over the years and have enough profit to stay in business. However, this profit might not be enough to sustain huge ventures hence the need for growth capital.

Conclusively, CCMP Capital has been responsible for a number of takeovers in the industry. With their skills and mastery of business, they have developed an eye for ventures worth their money. This has enabled them to stay on top of their game despite the numerous challenges faced.

One Happy Dog

I can still remember almost 20 years ago, my parents gave me the opportunity to go pick out my very own dog from the local pound. The experience was extremely exciting for a boy my age, especially where I had never owned a dog before. After I had chosen a beautiful mix of black lab and shepherd, my father took me to the pet store downtown to pick up food, toys and other pet necessities. After reading through all of the bag labels, I came to the conclusion that I would be using Purina Beneful dog chow for my dogs main course. To me it was the most sensible choice I had ever made at that point in my life.

The very day that I realized Purina was going to be in my life forever was the day my dog was diagnosed with an intestinal disorder. Thankfully for my dog Purina offered a brand just for dogs with bowel problems. Just days after I switched my dog to that specific brand, I saw great changes in his health. He started running around the run like he used to and he went back to his normal, everyday bathroom routine. Nothing is scarier when something happens to your family’s best furry friend and I owe it all to Purina Beneful on samsclub for helping me keep mine around for years to come. If it wasn’t for them, I would probably still be running around like a crazy mad man trying to find a new type of food to help my dog with his disorder. But instead I am here relaxing watching my beautiful, healthy dog run around and play happily.

Next month I plan on buying my son his first puppy and you better believe I will be purchasing Purina puppy chow to help my son’s pup get through the first stages of his life. The chow is not only great for their hearth health and growth, but it is excellent for their teeth. The great part of all this is that I am already signed up for weekly emails and already have a large pile of coupons saved up for puppy chow. This way I will at least have a cheap shopping trip for the next few months. Now if I could only find coupons for the vets, that would be great. Unfortunately, I will be stuck with a hefty bill to get the little dog into shape and be all up to date on his shots and pills. You better believe that my son will be working off every single penny to help pay for his addition to the family. He even gets the wonderful duty of yard clean up where the dogs play.

James Dondero Of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management uses the motto Experienced. Disciplined. Bold. to market its products, and James Dondero is the epitome of experience, discipline and boldness. Mr. Dondero founded Highland Capital Management to help other businesses make their dreams come true. Mr. James Dondero on facebook is a man who built his business from nothing, and now he helps other companies do exactly the same with their own businesses.

#1: Early Life

Mr. James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with high honors in accounting and finance. His education background brought him into the world of baking and financial support where he first served at Morgan Guaranty as an analyst, and he rose through the ranks of the business world until he founded HCM in 1993. Highland Capital Management was founded to capitalize on the Collateralized Loan Obligation market.

#2: CLO Products

Mr. Dondero has worked tirelessly as the head of HCM on the CLO products his company produces, and their company has been awarded for such products. The Highland Capital Management programs change often, and every program is updated to meet the needs of the market. Businesses who are looking for infusions of cash will find that cash in a program offered by HCM, and Mr. Dondero personally oversees many of his company’s largest deals.

James Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant, and he is authorized to use the label of Certified Financial Analyst. His distinctions alone allow him to make wise decisions in the financing of other businesses, and his expertise makes him the perfect leader for HCM. He serves on the board of organizations in his area, and he lends his business acumen to each organization as much as he can. His credits include work with Banknote and MGM Studios.

#3: Philanthropic Work

Mr. Dondero gives money to healthcare and veterans organizations every year in an effort to ensure the safety of people in his own community. His work outside the office is just as impressive as the work he does inside the office, and he commitment to doing work outside the community provides a wonderful example for his employees.

#4: How Successful Is HCM?

Highland Capital Management offers hedge funds, mutual funds and other financial products that help businesses grow. A company that must grow its pension fund can use products from HCM to help their retirees, and a company that is in need of a proper benefits program can use a hedge funds designed by HCM. Mr. Dondero is at the head of the class when each product is created, and he oversees every part of his company from his office as Founder and President.

James Dondero turned a brilliant education at the University of Virginia into a large businesses that funds millions of dollars in loan products every year. Businesses turn to Highland Capital Management in times of need, and James Dondero reaches out to people in the community in need at the same time. His stellar track record of philanthropy and business expertise is one to aspire to in the business world.

Doe Deere Shines For Her Unicorns

Doe Deere, the leader and founder of the makeup brand Lime Crime, has a massive Instagram following. Her posts are often full of the bright, happy colors that personify her brand. However, it’s important to note that Doe Deere is so much more than just a pretty face. She is a successful business woman and has also be deemed one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine.

As a child, Doe Deere was artistic and imaginative and was usually seen playing with paints and colored pencils. Deere notes that she would “put as much color on [herself] as possible]” and was guilty of getting into her mother’s makeup on a frequent basis. Deere feels blessed to be able to play with color for a living as an adult. Most adults, she says, don’t have as much fun at work as she does. Makeup is only a bit of what Deere has planned for her business and she can’t wait to share the rest with the world when the time is right.

Deere’s first makeup memory is vivid. She remembers a sleepover party with her best friends in which they were attempting to talk with spirits. As part of the ritual, they were dressed in witch-like clothing and it was only natural to need witch-like makeup as well. Deere remembers that she “pulled out a makeup bag and began piling dark pink eyeshadow, crooked winged liner and brown lip gloss (also crooked) on all of us.”

Doe Deere explains that she wasn’t the best at doing makeup until her mid-twenties, much to the surprise of her fans. This never stopped her from experimenting and practicing. She could often be found posting her makeup images online, with looks ranging from rhinestones glued on her forehead to different colored glitters all over her face. Thousands of girls were excited by Deere’s looks and couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with next. Deere says this is what inspired her to create Lime Crime in 2008.

Deere says her presence on the internet has its definite advantages and challenges. Her favorite thing is the instant feedback that her brand can get on social media. Because Lime Crime on is so deeply connected to the customer, that instant feedback is a huge deal. On the other hand, she notes that rumors can get out of control quickly. Anyone can say anything with little to no repercussions. Doe Deere says misinformation is just part of the “entrepreneurial journey.”

The best way to deal with the haters, she says, is to simply ignore them. It’s the only thing that you can do. Deere like to focus on the fact that she has far more fans and supporters than she has naysayers. Her “unicorns” are the reason why she keeps LimeCrime going. For Deere, unicorns are those people who were boring differently from the rest and are proud of it. She believes it takes a special person to wear LimeCrime products – “someone brave, someone who loves color, someone who defies expectations. In other words, a true unicorn!”

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CCMP Capital Advisors Resumes Investment Activities after the Untimely Passing of Stephen Murray

Entrepreneurs all over the globe open businesses with the vision that their venture will benefit a variety of individuals and make a positive impact by providing jobs within their local community. It is not an uncommon occurrence on that these business owners sell their businesses and move on to other business ventures, for various reasons. Small to mid-sized business owners are also, at times, acquired by private-equity firms whose goal is to generate favorable returns for shareholders. Since its inception, CCMP Capital Advisors has built a successful history of investing in growth capital transactions and leveraged buy-outs totaling more than $12 million.

It was in 2006 that Stephen Murray and his partners, in a JPMorgan spinout, formed Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors. Murray’s career as board member of Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, and AMC Entertainment are among his professional legacy, and his philanthropic endeavors included support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Columbia School of Business. Mr. Murray also served as Vice Chairman of Boston College Board of Trustees.

There are a number of fictional viewpoints of private-equity firms, including the belief that these organizations minimally benefit employment growth. CCMP Capital Advisors has invested more than $7 billion in the consumer/retail sector. The organization’s four targeted sectors of expertise in the industries of consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare, and energy. CCMP’s investment portfolio includes Aramark, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Milacron, and the UK’s leading gym operator, Pure Gym. CCMP Capital Advisors partners with management during the investment process to develop a shared vision that leads to strategic objectives, financial targets and incentives, which are closely monitors to ensure financial success.

After the untimely passing of the organization’s CEO, CCMP worked diligently to ensure that its investment activities continued, recently naming a new chief executive, Dina Colombo. CCMP has successfully resumed investing from its latest fund totaling $3.6 billion, and has reportedly pledged an additional $60 million to investors, demonstrating the firm’s alliance to the risks and fortunes of the latest fund. CCMP Capital Advisors, once again, continues its commitment to build and grow successful companies across the globe.

Things You Need to Learn About Corporate and Commercial Law

Every institution is governed by a set of rules and guidelines. This is what helps to keep the operations of any business seamless, otherwise one will incur losses when the system fails to follow the right procedures. Corporate and commercial laws have been instrumental in ensuring different companies manage their operations seamlessly and to allow for the right productivity to prevail. Without these laws, consumers may also face problems with different products that are released to the market. Therefore, these laws help to regulate the whole industry and to offer solutions to different issues that arise in the process of running a business.

There are specialized professionals, also referred to corporate/ commercial lawyers, who are appointed to deal solely with matters that revolve around corporate and commercial laws. This is to help the companies realize the worth of having a well regulated system, ranging from top management staff to the lowest worker. Most will argue that since there are cases bound to happen, it is necessary for each company to have their own private lawyer to help solve such issues in a court of law. Professionals also offer details that help managers to make more informed decisions on matters that can affect the overall operations of the firm.

Balance of power is among issues that need to be addressed in any company. Each company is headed by a board of directors and some are bound to launch claims regarding the balance of power. The presence of corporate law makes it easier to separate different individuals and to assign roles to each depending on the powers conferred by the guidelines of the company. Corporate law helps to identify different duties that are carried out by the directors as well as other members of the managing committee. Companies that do not appreciate the relevance of corporate law have been engulfed by failure in many instances because managing processes becomes difficult due to lack of understanding among the members.

Frans Schoeman, who is a director at the Phatsima Diamond, has been especially useful in explaining the relevance of commercial law. Frans Schoeman is a well trained professional, who has worked in this area for many years offering solutions to different issues that have been coming up. Frans Schoeman has also assisted many companies to understand why commercial law is an essential element that needs to be honored for the firm to operate seamlessly. Commercial law allows for the regulation of transactions and operations to eliminate any unacceptable actions that may make it difficult for both parties to the agreement to benefit as required.

Today’s markets have been engulfed with many obstacles that have made business more complex. The most daunting part is issues that arise because of third party interaction. This is something that can only be addressed if appropriate measures are instituted to ensure all processes in the company are directed to match with the needs of the market. Therefore, understanding commercial law is something that managers cannot ignore because it is one of the things that determine how well a company will perform in the long run.

Building a Business Like James Dondero


There are many people in the United States that are interested in building a business. However, many people do not have the knowledge of how to do so. James Dondero is a great example of one person making an impact in the world through a business. As the founder and President of Highland Capital, James Dondero has been able to positively affect the finances of thousands of customers through the years. Anyone that wants to start and build a successful business needs to keep several things in mind. First of all, starting out in business is difficult. A lot of time and resources must be put in to the business before it starts to turn a profit. Here are several ways that anyone can increase their chances of success in starting a business.

Have a Plan

Many people start out in business without a long term plan. The competitive nature of the business world today requires forward thinking in order to succeed. When James Dondero on founded Highland Capital, he had five and ten year goals for the company to reach for. Anyone that starts a business needs to be realistic about the revenue and profit potential of the business. Without multiple sources of income, a person may need to have several years of expenses in the bank if they are going to start a business. When there is a lot of planning done on the front end, there are far fewer issues later on.

Treat Customers Right

Another important part of being in business is to treat customers with respect. There are many companies that are more concerned with earning a profit than treating customers right. Although this may work in the short term, over the long term a company that takes this approach will not succeed in the business world. Companies that want to grow over the long term like Highland Capital need to provide customers with value at every transaction. This will lead to customer growth and profits down the line.

James Dondero

James Dondero is a great example of how a business leader can impact a company. Highland Capital was founded just a couple of years ago, but they have already grown their customer base in a way that makes them one of the most important companies in the industry. James Dondero has done a great job of leading the company through various different expansion plans. However, he has also always kept the needs of the customer in mind. Highland Capital is a great company that is growing every year in customers and influence in the field. James Dondero deserves a lot of credit for the success of Highland Capital.

What Economists Like Christian Broda Do

Economists watch trends in our society that help to determine public policy and law. The job that they do is an important part of how legislators determine the needs of the people and how best to address them. They work in a number positions from public agencies, to private companies and non-profits. These individuals also hold differing levels of education.

If the person desires to hold the title of “economist” it will require a doctorate degree. These individuals spend many years in college honing their skills so that they can be considered experts in the field. A doctorate degree can open up the doors to many different types of positions as well.

Christian Broda is an economist. He holds a Doctorate degree in economics from MIT. He presently works as a professor of Economics focusing on International Finance and trade. He is also the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management.

An economist is someone who can take complex problems and make them understandable. No matter where they work, their man focus is on the way that resources are used. These resources are more than just money and natural reserves. They also study the way that human labor is consumed and how machinery is used.

The economist is someone who is detailed oriented. They need to be able to recognize trends in data and be able to organize those visual trends into workable information for their employers. This also entails that the economist needs to be very systematic in their approach to how they deal with the data that they have.

The information is important in order to help understand the cost and benefits of certain actions. These outcomes are generated through the methods that an economist devises in order to study certain behaviors and trends. The economist is also the individual who develops the procedure through which to obtain the necessary information that they need.

What an economist does is important. They determine how people use land, money, physical exertion and even the machines that they have at their disposal in order to get tasks done. After the economist gathers all of the information that they need, it is developed into a readable report that legislators, consumer interest groups, and even large corporations can understand.

The outcome of the work that an economist does effects almost every aspect of our society. Their research helps to generate laws and regulations that protect us and our environment. Their research also aids in developing new products that can make our lives simpler and easier.

Sometimes the economist will be asked to study the outcome of public policy and laws. They will generate a plan to study the phenomena, and then gather information and interpret it. The outcome of their study can alter the legislation or validate it. It is in this way that the economist serves every member of the society in some very intricate way.

If this field is something one is interested in the first step is to concentrate on scientific method and math. While some people who work in this field deal with others, the majority deal with numbers, research and data interpretation.

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