Leadership Drives QNet’s Success


QNet is a direct selling company that might be relatively new, but the business has made enormous inroads. The company was first established 16 years ago and now produces a tremendous number of products and services in a variety of different categories. The company maintain business dealings in well over 100 countries and, most recently, has greatly expanded production and marketing strategies in India. The company is not new at all to the India landscape. QNet first tapped the market 13 years ago. QNet has noted new plans for the future will exceed things done in the previous dozen-plus years.

First, the company plans to relocate all of its production to India. In time, India will be the primary location for all production. Second, QNet is going to lobby the Indian government for more regulation of e-commerce related businesses in order to ensure all work performed in the industry is legitimate. Third, plans are being drawn up to engage in niche marketing heavily focusing on health and wellness consumers in India. Such a three-point strategy could definitely increase the company’s fortunes. Likely, more plans for the Indian market are in the works. Considering the lucrative nature of the emerging market of India, QNet should do well here just as the Hong Kong-based company does elsewhere.

How is it QNet is able to achieve the success gained in recent years? Why is QNet able to come up with brilliant ideas? The right mix of management and leadership plays a significant role.

Joseph Bismark is an example of the type of leaders who helped QNet become such a well-known entity in the direct selling/e-commerce world. Bismark was one of the founders of the company when it first made its debut. The debut might have been somewhat quiet, but QNet quickly grew. Today, Joseph Bismark provides a great deal of insight to people wishing to learn how to become entrepreneurs. He provides a mix of spiritual and motivational coaching combined with business management advice to crowds of followers.

Affiliates who work as entrepreneurs in the direct selling world might not be managing the company, but they should develop the same amount of leadership skill. Leadership abilities factor into scores of different areas of business and this includes the function of basic sales. Those working as an affiliate with QNet are advised to embody such positive traits and skills in order to experience success in India or, for that matter, anywhere.

Marc Sparks: Making the World a Better Place

Marc Sparks is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital LP, which is an equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. It helps enthusiastic entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality and into popular products and/or services. Timber Creek Capital goes the extra mile for all of their entrepreneurs in providing everything from office space to web development to support staff.

Aside from his career at Timber Creeks, Sparks is also involved with the homeless shelter, the Samaritan Inn, has helped Habitat for Humanity build houses and supports a local high school program called American Can! Academy. To this day, he is heavily involved with the telecommunication field, including Splash Media and Cardinal Telecom. Prior to Timber, he was successful in real estate, business solutions and investing.

Sparks wrote his semi-autobiography, They Can’t Eat You. The story relates to how he started out as just an average student with only a high school diploma and became a successful businessman despite having no previous formal training in what he did. He claims that he was born with a very sharp instinct and relied on his spirituality to become successful. Sparks claims that his other secret is to not fear losing and that even back in the day when he was still financially challenged, he challenged himself to stay excited about life and the journey he knew that he had ahead of him. He also thrives on competition rather than letting himself be intimidated by it.

Outside of work, Sparks’ hobbies are mostly outdoor-related. He enjoys fishing, hiking, various sports and adventurous travel, just to name a few. He has been to several countries, including Mecca, China and Tibet and claims that more sources of his inspiration come from his travels than from pretty much any other medium.