Beneful: Is it Good for Dogs?

If you have watch YouTube or go online shopping on Amazon, chances are you have heard of the dog food company, Beneful. They advertise and promote their product quite well and aren’t afraid to get the word out there. However, a recent article from The Huffington Post,, has raised some questions about the food and if it’s healthy for dogs. It is one of the most popular dog food companies out there, as they are part of the Nestle PurinaStore PetCare brand. They have been around since 2001, and feed more than 14 million dogs each year. The problems lies in its ingredients, which contain propylene glycol. The problem with this product is that it’s often misunderstood as ethylene glycol which can be deadly for dogs.
This all began in the begging of 2015 when a class action lawsuit was brought against Nestle Purina over Beneful. This is of great concern, as we all know, many people consider dogs man’s best friend. Because of this, they want to treat their dogs like they are part of the family. As a matter of fact, any dog lover will tell they are more than family. As of right now, the case is still in court and the allegations have flip-flopped quite a few times.

The positive thing is that the concerns of the customers have been heard loud and clear and they have made the necessary changes. It shows that they care and are willing to do what is right. They care about their product, and, of course, they care about dogs. It’s easy to see why people would get up in arms over it, as they have every right to do so. However, they will have real meat in the ingredients of the new product and the dogs will be happy and healthy. At the end of the day, isn’t that what it is all about, really?

You can’t please everyone, there is no question about that. However, you can make minor tweaks here and there to fix an issue if it’s out there. That is what they have done and the company is better because of it and will survive and thrive. For more information, visit

Move Over Accessories, Here Comes the Apparel…Plus

In a world full of accessories sold by stick figure models, JustFab, the online fashion retailer, has introduced a stunning new collection line of plus size apparel for women. As brought to light by The Curvy Fashionista, JustFab, known for their choice of accessories such as shoes, handbags, and jewelry to name a few, has released the new plus size collection line for women, starting with a 35-piece introductory set.

The collection will allow women to mix and match different collection pieces for varying life events, from everyday casual dress, to the quick-get-away vacation style. Because of the many different combinations that the new collection offers, girls will have more fun picking out different outfits to wear everyday.

For fans of the stylish collection, including The Curvy Fashionista, where will JustFab go from here? The hope is that JustFab will evolve the collection to match many of their other lines of apparel that they offer in straight sizes. This includes fun cutouts, sheer play, and leg slits.
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For those who would like to learn more about JustFab, visit JustFab. JustFab offers convenient online shopping for the casual shopper where they can purchase items from the JustFab collection which includes shoes, apparel, handbags, and jewelry. For the serious shopper, JustFab offers a VIP membership option for only $39.95 a month which allows those members to complete a survey based on style choice, and at the beginning of each month a “fashion stylist” helps pick out a new outfit for the month.

As part of the VIP membership, members also receive up to 50% off of regularly priced items and receive points toward free loyalty items. JustFab allows members to cancel at any time if not satisfied. JustFab does allow returns and exchanges, and only charges a $5.95 restocking fee on items returned for a refund.

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Connecting Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He is an avid skydiver, and after a near fatal accident, he founded an iron-man team called Wounded Warrior Support. This team raises funds for the Navy Seals Foundation, which helps team members and their families when they return home. Read more: Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadow Announces Base-to-Base Gondola

Andy Wirth is also heavily involved in environmental and community service issues in the Lake Tahoe area. Wirth has been working around the clock to make the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings one of the top tourist destinations in the world. In a recent op-ed published through Powder Magazine we are given a glimpse of how these plans will come to fruition.

Andy Wirth would like to build a gondola that connects Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows at the base of the mountains. These two mountains have been iconic ski destinations for a long time, and in 2011 when the Squaw Valley’s owners purchased Alpine Meadows the 2 mountains become one amazing resort.

The ability to purchase lift tickets and season passes for both mountains in one purchase gave skiers the ability to ski both mountains in a day. To ski both mountains, you still have to drive from one parking lot to the next. Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

Tracking skiers on the resort shows that 20 to 25 percent ski both mountains in the same day. With building a gondola, that will reduce the traffic on Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows road.

Some are concerned with the gondala having to travel through some of the U.S. Forest Service Land. Wirth is avid that all construction will be on private land, with only the exception of down toward Alpine meadows, which does have some U.S. Forest Service Land. Wirth was a ranger, and his grandfather helped write the Wilderness Act of 1963, so he is comfortable with that very important piece of legislation.

With the building of the gondola, Wirth just wants to make sure to get the community input. It is very important to maintain the vibe, feel, legacy, history, and heritage of each individual mountain.

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Investment Banking Strategy with Martin Lustgarten for Wealth Generation

The world of finances is already a very convoluted one. With potential investments everywhere and so many new signals coming out all of the time, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing and your advice isn’t set in concrete, then you can easily get lost and go down the wrong path. However, the simply strategy for anyone is to potentially find a partner when it comes to actually investing. For most people, the correct answer is to work with investment bankers. And, when you think of investment bankers, one of the titans of the industry that you should think of is Martin Lustgarten.


Not only is Martin Lustgarten one of the top advisers in the field today because of his ability to truly understand and forecast the markets, but it is his general business sense that has propelled him so far in the investment banking world. If you recall how economies of scale work, then you know that part of the reason he has continued to move forward is simply because of his past successes. By leveraging his returns and wins into future investments, he is able to generate significant amounts of wealth for his clients and it is all a part of his central financial investment strategy.
Martin Lustgarten has received much of his success and recognition in the field not just for following sound financial practices and sticking to a long term plan of wealth generation. He has earned such a strong reputation simply because of his ability to relate to his clients. At any and every step of the way people continue to praise Martin Lustgarten not just because he represents some of the strongest investment opportunities in the world to create real wealth, but because he has the ability to bring a calmness and confidence to all of his investors. When you think about just how chaotic the market actually is, you know how some people will try to pull their investments as soon as possible when things go bad and that could result in a loss. With Martin Lustgarten, however, confidence remains and investments grow over time. Visit his Tumblr page for more news and updates.

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Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism And The Rise Of Bernie Sanders To Fox Business Viewers

The rise of Bernie Sanders has been a difficult conundrum for the viewers and hosts of Fox Business who have struggled to understand just why his followers have been supporting Sanders in such great numbers. Fox Business host Trish Regan brought human rights activist Thor Halvorssen to her show in a bid to explain the basics of socialism to her viewers; among the reasons Halvorssen was invited to the show is the fact he has a personal history of living under the rule of socialism in his native Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen has seen both the good and bad sides of socialism as a political and social ideology; the benefits he has seen from socialist principles have all come in Venezuela and Europe when these left leaning principles are combined with mainstream political choices. For Thor Halvorssen ( the success seen in Venezuela has been undermined by a series of politicians seizing on socialism to further their own ends, included in these politicians are those who have recently been making decisions about the prices of food without taking into account the effect this has on the people of the country.

The problems of socialism have resulted in the people of Venezuela standing on the brink of a major humanitarian crisis that will continue long into the future. Despite the problems he has seen with socialism Thor Halvorssen shocked Trish Regan by stating his support for the candidacy of self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. After being questioned about his support for the liberal candidate Bernie Sanders Thor Halvorssen explained he found problems supporting any of the other candidates on either the Democrat or Republican candidates. Halvorssen revealed his human rights background made it difficult for him to support leading candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, which made it easy for him to make the choice of giving the maximum donation possible to the campaign of Vermont Senator Sanders.

iFunding Chief Executive Officer To Participate In A Season Of The Stoler Report

William Skelley has continued to receive undivided attention after he pinned up the crowdfunding concept into real estate development. This includes the season that he has been requested to participate in with Michael Stoler in The Stoler Report. The program will air on the spring season of 2016; in addition, Skelley has received an invitation for a gala dinner by the next generation of real estate leaders foundation hosted by Stoler too. The program has been airing for 15 seasons, and those who participate are invited only who has been major players in the revolution of real estate development.

Skelley certainly has been recognized to have a discussion platform with the most famous and influential professional in real estate. This includes the likes of the Bank of America, Merrill lynch, CIT, Wakefield, and Kush man. This is an exceptional achievement for Skelley. The first annual dinner is planned to be held at the Columbus Citizen Foundation. The dedication of The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders platform is to bring into open the recent development in real estate. The even happens in a tri-state and has been famous for all investors of real estate.

Certainly crowdfunding is a concept that requires more discussions especially with its integration with real estate. If well understood the concept ill highly help many individuals and accredited investors acquire property through joint groups compared to when they are an individual. Skelly has facilitated the concept by allowing his accredited investors to invest in private equities and loans. In 2015, the firm was able to get a return of 5MM for its investor’s positive progress for both the firm and investors. Through crowdfunding, there is great accessibility to opportunities for real estate investors.

Before founding iFunding, Skelley was a principle advisor at Rose Park Advisors. He attended Hobart College after which he worked with Mitt Romney as an executive intern. Skelley has extensive experience in real estate development and is the first to combine the crowdfunding concept with real estate development. While working at Olympus, he was able to advise several startup firms on financial investments which he has extensive expertise on. Skelley has integrated lots of online platform as an operation that will work for iFunding in addition to attending all real estate forums to explain the concept to all interested investors. Most of his dealings, however, have been around New York area; his recognition with the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, however, means that he will be a global estate dealer to look out for. Be sure to look up his Twitter, to watch Skelley’s rise to the top.

Brad Reifler: Creating Funds for the Other 99 Percent

What investments are available for the 99 percent? This is a question that has plagued Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital. In an article featured in Reuters, Reifler details five investment tips for the 99 percent of Americans who are not accredited investors and do not invest in hedge funds. He became interested in this segment of the population after his own investments in education funds for his children were worth less when it was time for them to attend college. Reifler was struck by the limited number of funds for non-accredited investors when his father when he wanted to invest his life savings. At this point he turned his attention to the middle class and worked on creating funds for the other 99 percent of Americans. Reifler states on Twitter, “Unlike Wall Street, we want to be a firm for the people.”

Brad Reifler graduated from Bowdoin University in 1981 with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Since this time, Reifler has founded Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, and the Forefront Management Group. In each of his ventures, Reifler’s business growth was staggering. Brad Reifler‘s most recent venture, Forefront Income Trust, is geared towards the 99 percent of consumers who were not previously represented. In this fund no administration fee are charged until the client has earned 8 percent. In addition, three percent of their earnings are donated to veterans and military families. Reifler admits that this may not be the most profitable fund, but it will be the most rewarding.  Read more about Brad on Crunchbase.

Cell Phone Companies In Venezuela Stop Long Distance Service

In what can be described as shocking, cell phone companies in Venezuela are announcing that they will stop offering long distance calling services to Venezuelans. Two of the country’s largest cell phone providers have issued a statement saying they will temporarily stop long distance calls as a result of the country’s downward spiraling economy.

Movistar, one the country’s largest cell phone companies says it will soon stop international calls because of the constant government intervention in the currency value of the Venezuelan Bolivar. Venezuela’s other main cellphone provider Digital has already cut international calling. Both companies are now several million dollars in debt to foreign telecommunication companies due to the floundering economy and the governments inability to pays its bills.

The cuts by Movistar and Digital does not mean that Venezuelans will be unable to call abroad. There are still landlines that people can use to call abroad and long distance, thought that number is small. Both companies have not yet released when they expect international calls to resume.

To give you a better picture of how bad Venezuela’s economy is right now, Danilo Diaz said consider the fact that mail delivery is now limited in the country. Even some airline companies have stopped service to Venezuela. Inflation is skyrocketing in the country and currency exchanges are being tightly regulated. The government is also hesitant to part with any currency surpluses due to fears of an economic collapse should the reserves dwindle.



PolitiFact Exposes Ted Cruz Super PAC’s Aggressively False Rhetoric

The super PAC supporting Ted Cruz, the Trusted Leadership super PAC on, recently swung for the fences with a TV advertisement that has been running in Wisconsin this past week. The television ad makes it clear that the Ted Cruz super PAC believes it is them against the world. The advertisements sparse no punches, attacking liberal financier George Soros as well as fellow Republican presidential candidate and current Ohio Governor John Kasich. It also attacks the very idea of a pervading liberal bias working against conservatives nationwide. Unfortunately for Ted, PolitiFact has proven the advertisement false and the commercial has been removed from some television stations in Wisconsin.

The commercial obviously has a negative view of George Soros. It’s hard not to like this guy. He’s had a tough life and he’s persevered, pulling himself up by his own bootstraps to accumulate more than $20 billion in wealth. He survived Nazi occupation as a young boy in Hungary, overcame the difficulties of being an immigrant without a penny to his name while going to college in London, and rose to fame in the financial world with incredibly bold trades on, one of which netted him over billion dollars in one day. He set up the Open Societies Foundation and retired from hedge fund managing in order to pursue philanthropist causes around the world. He also happens to fund democratic political candidates such as Hillary Clinton and left-leaning organizations such as, who are currently at work trying to get Bernie Sanders elected. This puts them in the crosshairs of conservative such as Ted Cruz.

The advertisement on claims that George Soros has been funding John Kasich’s campaign through donations made by other people. In the world of conservative politics, the money of George Soros is dirty. Touching it would mean sinking your own political campaign. It wants the viewer to believe that John Kasich took this money willingly, which is absurd. John Kasich, like any candidate with the super PAC, cannot communicate directly with his super PAC. He couldn’t deny anybody’s funds. But it turns out this is not the only lie the commercial tells.

The “other people” that George Soros on bloomberg used to make these contributions happen to be his former employees and friends. These men have a traceable record of donating to conservative candidates. It seems that these old friends just don’t agree with George Soros’s politics.

But the scarier narrative of the commercial is a liberal agenda that is out to silence conservatives. It sets up an us-versus-them scenario where Ted Cruz is the only answer in fighting back. This aggressive dichotomy perpetuates the divisiveness inherent in the two-party system of the United States of America. It is aggressively false rhetoric designed to divide us.

Sam Tabar – Prominent Attorney – Renowned Capital Strategist

If I had to describe Sam Tabar in one word it would simply be brilliant. Not only is a prominent New York attorney, but he is also one of the most successful capital strategists in the world.

Tabar’s career started in the late 90’s when he decided to enroll in the prestigious Oxford University to complete his undergraduate studies. After graduating with honors in May of 2000 Tabar immediately enrolled in Columbia Law School to complete his law studies.

In September of 2001, shortly after graduating from Columbia, Tabar started working as an associate for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom LLP, New York. He would work there for exactly three years before moving on to SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors, Tokyo/Hong Kong/London/New York.

This was a very interesting move as it required him to leave his very promising legal career to get into high finance, one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Sam Tabar started off as counsel for SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors and would eventually work his way up to being promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. While there he oversaw a $2 billion hedge fund and was responsible for any and everything that had to do with global marketing and investor relations.

On top of that, he also created and helped execute a strategic marketing plan geared towards clients with a high net worth. In all he was able to help the firm reach 400 additional investors. And if that wasn’t enough, he also played a huge roll in helping the firm raise over $1 billion in assets.

Sam worked at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors for 7 years before joining Bank of America Merrill Lynch. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch he served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. This role required him to provide counsel to hedge fund clients and introduce institutional investors including pensions, endowments and large family offices just to name a few.

After working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch for about a year and a half, Tabar decided to leave and join the firm Adanac where he would also serve as director.

Tabar would work for 8 years in the world of high finance before deciding to return to his first love which was law. In September 2013 he started working as a Senior Associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He would leave that firm less than one year later.  This would lead to Sam Tabar’s current position at FullCycle Fund.